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22 Jul

Agents of Hope | Suzy Silk

Note: This post was first written a few years ago. In the context of recent events, it is just as applicable today. Our lives and our city are often full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain,...

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11 May

Taste and See | Destinee McGinnis

I recently watched a new series on Netflix called, Cooked, by the food writer Michael Pollen. In the series he celebrates the primitive nature of cooking.  Through exhilarating cinematography and incredible storytelling we are deeply moved...

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02 Mar

The Benefits of Black Mold | Kelsey Dunn

I’m currently gazing downtown from my bedroom window, and let me tell you, it feels like a minor miracle. I eagerly embraced the new year with hopeful expectations, but then came January 2nd with four broken...

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23 Jan

Helping the Homeless Experience Being Known

Becoming Whole. Being Unleashed. Bringing Flourishing.  Cru Millennials in NYC is believing God for a generation that embodies these values. Yvonne is a millennial in the Cru network who goes to The Bridge Church in...

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12 Jan

3 Core Truths that Radically Reoriented My Life

I needed some strong words spoken to me this week. As a new year is now well underway, I needed some bold truth with a healthy dose of tender grace to jolt me out of...

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05 Jan

5 Words for 2016

The sun has yet to rise on the last day of 2015.  The silence of the morning affords space to ponder the coming year. These 5 words come to mind:   Rest:  How can it be...

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22 Dec

The Paradoxes of Christmas

We see that Jesus endured a human birth to give us a new spiritual birth. He occupied a stable that we might occupy a mansion. He had an earthly mother so that we might have...

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26 Nov

The Dreams God Placed in Our Hearts | Daniel Du

In New York, I’ve met so many people who have great vision for their lives and who are here for big things. People here want to make it on Broadway or produce their own feature...

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26 Aug

The Road Has Pain, But It’s Not Without Hope | Carrie Walker

Ten years ago, if asked, “Are you a runner?” I would have answered in the affirmative with great confidence. Now, I may say, “Well, I am more like a “ranner.” I used to be a...

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17 Jun

What’s Happening in Me as Others Leave the City | David Robbins

I’ve only lived here two and a half years … but it has begun. Friends who have become dear, co-workers I love, best friends of my kids, and leaders that I respect are moving out...