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07 Dec

Stewarding Privilege Like Jesus | Cody Dunn

I had hardly considered the idea of privilege before moving to New York a little over three years ago. Though I was the eldest son of an upper middle class white family that had the...

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07 Dec

One Month Later: Will We Respond and Seek to Restore the Division | Kelsey Dunn?

This article is about Jesus and our hearts in light of the election (not politics itself). Also, I’ll specifically be addressing my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ aka the Church. If that’s not you,...

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19 Oct

Prophetic Lament | Suzy Silk

In the millennials network of Cru, we talk often about three words: thriving, unleashing, and flourishing. These words summarize what we want as Millenials in NYC -- we want to thrive and grow in our...

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26 Apr

Grace on Grace | Kelsey Dunn

The story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt has popped up everywhere in my life the last several months. From sermons to books to Suzy’s blog post last week, I can’t seem to escape it....

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19 Apr

Importance of Remembering | Suzy Silk

Later this week, Jewish people all across the world will be celebrating the holiday of Passover. This holiday commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and the many ways in which God rescued and redeemed His chosen...

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14 Apr

Confronting Powerlessness | Daniel Du

 I recently enjoyed a short but much needed weekend reunion with some of my old friends from college when I flew to Texas for a wedding. We got to reminisce and celebrate together. I got...

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23 Jan

Helping the Homeless Experience Being Known

Becoming Whole. Being Unleashed. Bringing Flourishing.  Cru Millennials in NYC is believing God for a generation that embodies these values. Yvonne is a millennial in the Cru network who goes to The Bridge Church in...

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12 Jan

3 Core Truths that Radically Reoriented My Life

I needed some strong words spoken to me this week. As a new year is now well underway, I needed some bold truth with a healthy dose of tender grace to jolt me out of...

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28 Jul

5 Ways I’m Processing the Ethnic Diversity Conversation | Adam Go

Cru15, a national conference for all Cru ministries in the U.S. and its partners, took place last week in Ft. Collins, Colorado. As about 5,000 gathered for a week, one of the priorities discussed at length was engaging...

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26 Nov

The Dreams God Placed in Our Hearts | Daniel Du

In New York, I’ve met so many people who have great vision for their lives and who are here for big things. People here want to make it on Broadway or produce their own feature...