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Seeking Community?

“On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York will bestow the gift of loneliness.” – E.B. White

NYC is unique.  Amazingly brilliant and talented people compete for prominence and power.  The city can be a hotbed of comparison, which can lead to either pride or self-loathing.  Either way, community is stilted, and the pressure to perform can cause us to crumble.  Jesus turns that upside down.  Jesus see the beautiful and ugly of our complex hearts.  He knows our darkest secrets and accepts us fully in Him.  Because of that, we can be raw, honest, and weak; and yet, we can be completely accepted.

Cru NYC is here to help the next generation find safe places to process what surfaces while living life in New York City.  In the upside down community we are safe to be real. If we are willing to engage honestly with others about the insecurities, fears, and longings that surface while living in this fishbowl of a place, beautiful things happen within us.  Truly being known within community allows our broken places to be restored, and our hidden dreams to be renewed. We think it actually starts off pretty simple: a group of people around a table, doing life and living missionally together, sharing authentically, and being accepted.  If you are interested in checking out one of our gatherings, please contact us.


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