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In Transition?

“Young people can have a tendency to be incredibly impressed with themselves and that they “arrived” in NYC. Many simply become tourist instead of truly becoming part of the city.” -Tim Keller

The thrill of the romanticized notion of life in NYC is often quickly exchanged for some very frustrating real-world realities.  Finding an apartment that you can afford can be quite a laborious process. Exhausting work hours, navigating public transportation, and finding time to connect with friends all can add up to “urban stress”.  Life often looks  a lot different than what we envisioned when we dreamed about living in New York!

We want to help you thrive within this new urban context.  We want to help you connect relationally, so you don’t have to do it alone.  We also desire to help you in very practical ways.  For a starting point, click “Transition Resources” to the right.

While there is so much to gain from living in such a great global city, and so many exciting opportunities, we also desire to help you live with a perspective to not just take from the city, but to serve the city.  This is how God works to turn the city upside down.  If our purpose in living here is just for selfish reasons, we will be sucked into a cultural vacuum of selfish ambition and self-indulgence.  We are made for more.  We a believing God to raise up a generation of leaders who will be counter-cultural, passionate Christ followers that are pursuing the common good of this great city.


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