We are, together, believing God to turn the world upside down. We are a team. There are a few of us who work vocationally or part-time to serve in unleashing this generation for the flourishing of the city. Here’s a little about us: (Click on the photo for Social Networks, and click the arrow button to see more team members)

David & Meg Robbins

The parents of an amazing special needs kid (plus two others). Runs with our special needs to the amazing Father. Has a passion to unleash others to do amazing things for the Father. We have served on staff with Cru for 12 years living in some pretty cool college towns, but fell in love with an urban lifestyle while leading Cru in Pisa, Italy. While serving as a Regional Director for the campus ministry of Cru, we grew a passion for the increasing throngs of Millennials moving to cities after graduation and the realities they face.

Carrie Walker

LIfe is about authentic relationship. Jesus is real and good, and He sets us free in His love to be our true selves and to love others. I love believing God to capture the hearts of the Millennial generation. Prior to coming to NYC, I worked in the Campus Ministry of Cru. I loved my 15 years among the Buckeyes at Ohio State and then had the privilege of helping give leadership to the campus ministry for nine years. I love the grace and truth of the Gospel and watching God set people free to walk into all that He has for them.

Destinee McGinnis

Art is in my blood. I grew up with influences like Natalie Cole, Al Green, Judith Jamison, and Carlos Acosta. I dreamed that I could one day gracefully take the stage like them. Art is a part of me and forever had been! Through dancing, singing, and acting I am consistently introduced to a blank space where I am able to discover and imagine personal and yet universal truth and beauty created by the first and greatest artist!

Eric Gravelle

I moved to NYC in 2003 and worked for a sports marketing consulting agency. For 3 years, I was part of a team that worked on MasterCard's sports marketing and entertainment investments. Then, after almost 4 years of working and traveling in Asia, I moved back to NYC and took a position working for Madison Square Garden as their Director of Productions and Marketing. During this time, I got connected with a community of Christians that were passionate about Jesus. This was the first time that I truly experienced community. Jesus and his people changed my life. In 2009, I shifted to vocational ministry, working with college students with Cru. In 2014, I am thrilled to have begun working through an official partnership with Cru and Apostles Church focusing on equipping.

Sarah Jane Shanks

Although Georgia born and raised, Sarah Jane considers herself an honorary New Yorker after reaching her ten year mark in the city. She has had a blast performing in Broadway shows and making television appearances. But more than anything, she loves getting to know and love God through His Word and prayer, and helping other women do the same. There is nothing like watching Him change hearts, including her own. Sarah Jane and her husband live in a far off land called Sunnyside, Queens with their awesome cat Hunter. She is an avid lover of bacon and crafting, and considers herself macaroni & cheese connoisseur.

Daniel Du

I am a painter and photographer based in New York City. I moved here after completing school at the University of Texas with a degree in Studio Art and Business Administration. Origionally immigrating to the United States at the age of four, I've experience the tension and and joy of navigating diverse walks of life and culture. Living in many parts of the US, I'm glad to continue growing in learning about God and myself in this great City amidst unique and passionate people.

Suzy Silk

Suzy has lived in New York City for over 7 years and has built credible relational networks among Millennials in the city. Suzy completed her Masters at JTS and has helped launch several Trinity Grace Church's over the years and serves part time with them. She is recently married.

Elizabeth Hobafcovich


Lauren Schroeder