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07 Dec

Stewarding Privilege Like Jesus | Cody Dunn

I had hardly considered the idea of privilege before moving to New York a little over three years ago. Though I was the eldest son of an upper middle class white family that had the...

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07 Dec

One Month Later: Will We Respond and Seek to Restore the Division | Kelsey Dunn?

This article is about Jesus and our hearts in light of the election (not politics itself). Also, I’ll specifically be addressing my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ aka the Church. If that’s not you,...

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21 Sep

Do we care? | Scotty Moore

Guest Post by Scotty Moore, Millennials staff of Cru Orlando   “I don’t have to “wait for the facts” in order to lament, mourn, & weep over the murder of #TerranceCrutcher & neither should you.” – D.A. Horton Would...

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22 Jul

Agents of Hope | Suzy Silk

Note: This post was first written a few years ago. In the context of recent events, it is just as applicable today. Our lives and our city are often full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain,...

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26 Apr

Grace on Grace | Kelsey Dunn

The story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt has popped up everywhere in my life the last several months. From sermons to books to Suzy’s blog post last week, I can’t seem to escape it....

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08 Apr

The Productivity of Prayer | Sarah Jane Shanks

"Well…all we can do is pray." I'll confess that I've said it a lot.  And I heard it just last week.  It’s usually accompanied by a smirk or a sigh or a shoulder shrug.The commonality of this phrase reveals...

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01 Apr

My Story: Sarah Jane | Unleashed into Calling

  In Romans 15:20, Paul reveals his life goal: to spread the gospel to those who have not yet heard.  He uses the word philotimeomai. It means “to love or seek after honor, or “strive eagerly, desire...

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17 Sep

Identity Theft: Part 2 | Meg Robbins

Being a girl with southern roots--well, let’s be honest, I’m pretty much southern from the roots to the trunk, and all the way out to the leaves! But anyway, I cried my way through the...

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11 Aug

Three Perspectives on Singleness (what has kept me sane) | John Gunter

Let me clear the air about where I am in life.  I am a single male.  I recently passed the dreaded precipice of 40.  I live in Asia and have lived here for most of the...

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01 Aug

My Story: Trey – Transformed & learning to thrive

I had just graduated from Yale University a few months prior, when I moved from my hometown of Los Angeles to New York City to begin working as a fixed income analyst at an investment...