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19 Jan

Are We Givers or Takers of The City? | David Robbins

Her eyes were locked out the airplane window taking it all in. Flying out of LaGuardia and getting panoramic views of Manhattan is breath-taking, but I was a little confused about why this 26 year...

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13 Jan

Comparison is the thief of joy | Adrienne Minor

Over the past few weeks, a post has appeared repeatedly in my Facebook newsfeed. It has usually gone something like this, “It was a great year. Thanks for being part of it.” And then a...

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29 Dec

Best of the Blog: 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, our team finds ourselves reflecting on our year in New York City and we are overwhelmed by the grace gifts God has given us in the relationships we have...

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07 Oct

Thriving in Hardship | Destinee Rea McGinnis

I am obsessed with the word Thrive. I think it is one of the most vibrant and active verbs in the dictionary. Add it as a hash tag beneath a picture of the bustle of...

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22 Sep

The Society of Spectacle | David Robbins

What happens in New York City reverberates around the world. It’s not new news to anyone that it is a place that shapes culture. It’s why I believe deeply that millennials here can be a...

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16 Sep

Facing the Ugliness Inside Me | Daniel Du

My one year mark of being in the city is coming up and as I reflect on this past year, I see how I show typical New York symptoms: I’m watching my fashion sense slowly...

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02 Sep

I’m Busy Procrastinating | Eric Gravelle

Last Saturday, my wife Jessica and I walked 3 blocks from our apartment to Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side.   If you haven't visited Carl Schurz Park yet, make sure to add that...

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26 Aug

The Road Has Pain, But It’s Not Without Hope | Carrie Walker

Ten years ago, if asked, “Are you a runner?” I would have answered in the affirmative with great confidence. Now, I may say, “Well, I am more like a “ranner.” I used to be a...

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19 Aug

Robin Williams, Ferguson, Iraq, & Us | David Robbins

Human depravity has been on display this week. Power misused. Suicide amongst despair. Genocide of a people group. False promises during war. Minority groups limited without a viable voice amongst racism. How will God’s creation...

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28 Jul

7 Signs You Might Be Headed for A Quarter-Life Crisis | Jonathan Pokluda

Enjoy this great read from The Porch in Dallas - a millennial ministry partner of Cru. You can visit their website at -- It seems like Generation Y practically invented the term “quarter-life crisis.” While...