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24 Jun

Hate to Wait | Jessica Gravelle

Do you hate to wait? I know I do. It’s hard to wait and very easy to lose patience in the process. I tend to get impatient when waiting for trivial things like my order at Starbucks or a delayed...

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08 Mar

Leaving Well | Suzy Silk

Recently I had to exit from a team I had worked and served alongside for many years. Even though I was leaving because I was no longer thriving and felt that God was leading me...

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01 Sep

Join us for a Rooftop Party!

Clear your calendar and mark it down (and you might as well go ahead and RSVP). Join us for the now annual Cru End-of-Summer Rooftop Dinner Party. This is one of the few times a...

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24 Jun

Nicholas Sailer | The things I learned moving to NYC — and the things I learned when I left.

After I graduated from college, I wanted to move out and do something big. Who doesn't? I wanted to be challenged. I wanted something new. I visited New York City for the first time in...

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01 Apr

My Story: Sarah Jane | Unleashed into Calling

  In Romans 15:20, Paul reveals his life goal: to spread the gospel to those who have not yet heard.  He uses the word philotimeomai. It means “to love or seek after honor, or “strive eagerly, desire...

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03 Mar

An Aching Heart & The Compassion That Never Fails // Meg Robbins

Two weeks ago, David, our 3 kids, and I boarded a plane, waited for it to be de-iced (twice!), barreled down a snow-covered runway and left New York behind for sunny California for a rich...

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28 Jan

Resting in the Performance of Another | Eric Gravelle

I was getting ready for bed one evening last week and suddenly felt an intense desire to spend some time in prayer.  I wish I could say that my prayer life is consistently strong and that...

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30 Dec

The Best of the Cru NYC Blog 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, our team finds ourselves reflecting on our first year in New York City and we are overwhelmed by the grace gifts God has given us in the relationships we...

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10 Dec

God’s Deepest Desire for Us This Christmas | David Robbins

“The purpose of life is intimacy with God.”  I cannot have a single conversation with my friend and mentor, David English, that he doesn’t say this line. But the thing is, he really means it...

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02 Dec

Standing on the High Dive (and I Hate Heights) | Ansley Hammond

My mom died a month ago. Today I am grabbing a few minutes alone  to process the last few weeks. Because tomorrow I have my first counseling appointment since her death, actually first one since the...