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17 May

Have You Ever Felt Not Enough? | Carrie Louer

   Have you ever felt. . .”not enough”?*  I have!  Since I’ve come to New York, and as I have compared myself to the competent and beautiful people I have met here (YOU), I have...

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11 May

Taste and See | Destinee McGinnis

I recently watched a new series on Netflix called, Cooked, by the food writer Michael Pollen. In the series he celebrates the primitive nature of cooking.  Through exhilarating cinematography and incredible storytelling we are deeply moved...

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12 Jan

3 Core Truths that Radically Reoriented My Life

I needed some strong words spoken to me this week. As a new year is now well underway, I needed some bold truth with a healthy dose of tender grace to jolt me out of...

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22 Dec

The Paradoxes of Christmas

We see that Jesus endured a human birth to give us a new spiritual birth. He occupied a stable that we might occupy a mansion. He had an earthly mother so that we might have...

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25 Aug

Success Is What You Make of It | Jena Viviano

"Success is what you make of it."  I penned these words for my high school graduation ceremony, not realizing they would be a helpful reminder for years to come.  I remember wanting to inspire my...

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02 Feb

Grace for Today | Lauren Schroeder

Last week, a mix of excitement and dread came over me as I read the weather report about the impending snowstorm. My adventurous side smiled like a five-year-old and said, “Two feet of snow? Wheee!”...

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26 Jan

4 Ways to Thrive in 2015 | Suzy Silk

As I began 2015, my prayer to the Lord was that this year my husband and I would learn to thrive as a family in the midst of the highs and lows of life. As...

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19 Jan

Are We Givers or Takers of The City? | David Robbins

Her eyes were locked out the airplane window taking it all in. Flying out of LaGuardia and getting panoramic views of Manhattan is breath-taking, but I was a little confused about why this 26 year...

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15 Dec

His Dwelling Among Us- Carrie Louer

  Tonight I channeled my junior-high-self. I played the role of a baby sitter. I have often grieved the reality of not having my own children and I try to be intentional in getting my...

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07 Oct

Thriving in Hardship | Destinee Rea McGinnis

I am obsessed with the word Thrive. I think it is one of the most vibrant and active verbs in the dictionary. Add it as a hash tag beneath a picture of the bustle of...