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24 Jun

Hate to Wait | Jessica Gravelle

Do you hate to wait? I know I do. It’s hard to wait and very easy to lose patience in the process. I tend to get impatient when waiting for trivial things like my order at Starbucks or a delayed...

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14 Oct

Protect Your Yes | Sarah Jane Shanks

As I write to you from the wee small hours of the morning, pushing the deadline for this blog, I’m feeling the pain of my decisions—literally. I’m chasing ibuprofen with ginger ale to curb the...

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09 Jun

Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise | AJ Sherrill

Every moment of every day the most significant reality in the entire universe is the radical availability of God’s Presence. Yet, in almost every moment of every day we remain unaware of this generous gift....

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21 Apr

The Illusion of Control | Carrie Walker

You are not in control. Nor am I. At this very moment, I am entrusting my life to skilled pilots flying a Southwest plane from The Big Apple to Nashville.  Those at the helm could...

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01 Apr

Sabbath of the Soul | Amelie Sherry

Lately, I have been feeling extremely tired, endlessly invaded by a variety of cold symptoms. This tiredness is not a general body fatigue (though that is there), but a deep, unsettling exhaustion from every front...