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25 Jan

Embracing the Relational Tension that Proceeds Growth | Carrie Louer

She tells the story differently than I. Still, the encounter, even with nuanced details, served to put us both on a trajectory of radical life change. Her skin was black, her heart red-hot for Jesus....

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07 Dec

Stewarding Privilege Like Jesus | Cody Dunn

I had hardly considered the idea of privilege before moving to New York a little over three years ago. Though I was the eldest son of an upper middle class white family that had the...

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23 Jan

Helping the Homeless Experience Being Known

Becoming Whole. Being Unleashed. Bringing Flourishing.  Cru Millennials in NYC is believing God for a generation that embodies these values. Yvonne is a millennial in the Cru network who goes to The Bridge Church in...

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10 Aug

My Reflections On The Anniversary of #Ferguson: 3 Ways You Can Respond | Rasool Berry

Rasool Berry is a speaker who loves teaching spiritual truths from the Scriptures. Rasool is a cultural observer and catalyst for change for this generation. He also leads teams of artists and helps them use creativity...

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23 Jun

The Art of Neighboring: Just Start Somewhere

This series is adapted and inspired by Pathak & Runyon’s The Art of Neighboring. When it comes to loving the people God has placed in your life well, we all assume someone else is the...