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10 Aug

My Reflections On The Anniversary of #Ferguson: 3 Ways You Can Respond | Rasool Berry

Rasool Berry is a speaker who loves teaching spiritual truths from the Scriptures. Rasool is a cultural observer and catalyst for change for this generation. He also leads teams of artists and helps them use creativity...

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21 Apr

The Illusion of Control | Carrie Walker

You are not in control. Nor am I. At this very moment, I am entrusting my life to skilled pilots flying a Southwest plane from The Big Apple to Nashville.  Those at the helm could...

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01 Apr

My Story: Sarah Jane | Unleashed into Calling

  In Romans 15:20, Paul reveals his life goal: to spread the gospel to those who have not yet heard.  He uses the word philotimeomai. It means “to love or seek after honor, or “strive eagerly, desire...

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03 Mar

An Aching Heart & The Compassion That Never Fails // Meg Robbins

Two weeks ago, David, our 3 kids, and I boarded a plane, waited for it to be de-iced (twice!), barreled down a snow-covered runway and left New York behind for sunny California for a rich...

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24 Feb

When You Can’t Get It Together | Carrie Walker

The 7 train was taking forever! Every fiber of my being wanted to blame the MTA for my anticipated tardy church entrance. Blaming the MTA created a temporary shield from the pummeling of myself for...

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14 Feb

Ordinary Intentionality: Public Spaces | David Robbins

Recently, we gathered 50 millennials living in New York City to explore the desires and dreams God has already placed in our hearts. In the room were difference makers from different boroughs, different churches, different...

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10 Feb

Ordinary Intentionality, Part 1 | David Robbins

“The most ground-breaking missional excavating is in the unattractive details of our rhythmic ongoing lives.”  - Dan White Jr. Ever since I was a little kid, I have dreamed about making a significant difference in the...

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04 Feb

Redeeming Your Daily Commute | Suzy Silk

A friend of mine used to work in NYC among one of the people groups in our city who are the most closed to the gospel. And yet, in his five years here, Mark saw on...

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14 Jan

Mmm yeah, about those Resolutions … Be who you are! | Bekah Stewart

Starting a new year can be such a gift. Making new resolutions creates a fresh opportunity to dream and hope for all that this next year will be. We all know how important setting goals and creating...

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30 Dec

The Best of the Cru NYC Blog 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, our team finds ourselves reflecting on our first year in New York City and we are overwhelmed by the grace gifts God has given us in the relationships we...