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06 Dec

We Were All Made for More | Elizabeth Hobafcovich

If you live in New York, you are well acquainted with the issue of homelessness. Such a complex social issue- colored with addiction, domestic violence, and mental illness. I cannot seem to shake the conviction...

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22 Mar

Asking the Question of Worth | Adrienne Minor

This city has a way of making you question a lot of things about yourself. In a sea of highly talented, highly successful people, it leaves you wondering if and how you measure up. Honestly,...

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02 Mar

The Benefits of Black Mold | Kelsey Dunn

I’m currently gazing downtown from my bedroom window, and let me tell you, it feels like a minor miracle. I eagerly embraced the new year with hopeful expectations, but then came January 2nd with four broken...

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17 Feb

Reclaiming the Ordinary | Lauren Mize

I came to New York to do big things. Great big fantastic acting and singing things. For me, a normal life meant giving up and forfeiting my identity in Christ. After all, I was God’s...

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10 Feb

The Courage to Risk Much to be Fully Known | Daniel Du

Walking to the train one block away from my apartment, I will pass three salons with “Valentine’s Day Specials” for manicures and haircuts. I pop into Duane Reade, and all the pink stuff on aisle...

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04 Feb

Grace for the Pharisee’s Heart | Adrienne Minor

Because of an invitation from a friend to join with her and several other women, I spent the month of January reading through the New Testament. In order to read 27 books of the Bible...