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19 Oct

Prophetic Lament | Suzy Silk

In the millennials network of Cru, we talk often about three words: thriving, unleashing, and flourishing. These words summarize what we want as Millenials in NYC -- we want to thrive and grow in our...

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04 May

Where Else Would I Go? | Lauren Mize

A few months ago I was really wrestling with the topic of suffering. It wasn’t so much a theological or scholarly question, but a deep, guttural “Where are you, God?” This is something I wrote...

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10 Mar

When God Walks Us Into Deeper Suffering | Meg Robbins

Over the past several months, I have wrestled deeply in my heart with the problem of pain and suffering. It’s always been a challenge for me…I’ve struggled to understand God’s character as I’ve processed things both...

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08 Jul

Joy in the Process of Healing | Eric Gravelle

Back in January I shared on this blog about my deep struggle with performance.  I mentioned how growing up I was constantly motivated by the paralyzing fear of being average.  I did not want to...