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25 Jan

Embracing the Relational Tension that Proceeds Growth | Carrie Louer

She tells the story differently than I. Still, the encounter, even with nuanced details, served to put us both on a trajectory of radical life change. Her skin was black, her heart red-hot for Jesus....

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20 Jan

Returning and Rest | Kelsey Dunn

Okay confession, last year was the first time I had ever heard the phrase new year, new you…and I definitely embraced it with lofty plans for 2016.   Day one, great. Day two, a moldy...

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24 Jun

Hate to Wait | Jessica Gravelle

Do you hate to wait? I know I do. It’s hard to wait and very easy to lose patience in the process. I tend to get impatient when waiting for trivial things like my order at Starbucks or a delayed...

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10 Jun

The Productivity of Prayer | Sarah Jane Shanks

“Well…all we can do is pray.” I’ll confess that I’ve said this a lot. And I heard it just last week. It’s usually accompanied by a smirk or a sigh or a shoulder shrug. The...

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24 May

Rain, Rats, & Rescue | Meg Robbins

Living in the city has a way of bringing out the best and worst in me. One minute, I am joyful, super-navigator mom successfully schlepping 2 kids, a stroller, my Mary Poppins bag of snacks,...

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11 May

Taste and See | Destinee McGinnis

I recently watched a new series on Netflix called, Cooked, by the food writer Michael Pollen. In the series he celebrates the primitive nature of cooking.  Through exhilarating cinematography and incredible storytelling we are deeply moved...

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19 Apr

Importance of Remembering | Suzy Silk

Later this week, Jewish people all across the world will be celebrating the holiday of Passover. This holiday commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and the many ways in which God rescued and redeemed His chosen...

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02 Mar

The Benefits of Black Mold | Kelsey Dunn

I’m currently gazing downtown from my bedroom window, and let me tell you, it feels like a minor miracle. I eagerly embraced the new year with hopeful expectations, but then came January 2nd with four broken...

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24 Feb

Clearing the Junk from Our Hearts | Julie Naanes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been startled? You think, “Whoa, where did those dark circles come from?” “When did my eyebrows get stuck in that scrunched up frown?” “Holy smokes, I’m pale…when did that...

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12 Jan

3 Core Truths that Radically Reoriented My Life

I needed some strong words spoken to me this week. As a new year is now well underway, I needed some bold truth with a healthy dose of tender grace to jolt me out of...