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14 Apr

Confronting Powerlessness | Daniel Du

 I recently enjoyed a short but much needed weekend reunion with some of my old friends from college when I flew to Texas for a wedding. We got to reminisce and celebrate together. I got...

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10 Feb

The Courage to Risk Much to be Fully Known | Daniel Du

Walking to the train one block away from my apartment, I will pass three salons with “Valentine’s Day Specials” for manicures and haircuts. I pop into Duane Reade, and all the pink stuff on aisle...

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05 May

Waiting for Perfection In Community | Daniel Du

It is such a noticeable improvement to have warmer weather in recent weeks. We've faced a very harsh winter here in New York, and that harshness reminds me in a very tangible way the efforts...

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26 Nov

The Dreams God Placed in Our Hearts | Daniel Du

In New York, I’ve met so many people who have great vision for their lives and who are here for big things. People here want to make it on Broadway or produce their own feature...

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16 Sep

Facing the Ugliness Inside Me | Daniel Du

My one year mark of being in the city is coming up and as I reflect on this past year, I see how I show typical New York symptoms: I’m watching my fashion sense slowly...