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25 Jan

Embracing the Relational Tension that Proceeds Growth | Carrie Louer

She tells the story differently than I. Still, the encounter, even with nuanced details, served to put us both on a trajectory of radical life change. Her skin was black, her heart red-hot for Jesus....

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24 May

Rain, Rats, & Rescue | Meg Robbins

Living in the city has a way of bringing out the best and worst in me. One minute, I am joyful, super-navigator mom successfully schlepping 2 kids, a stroller, my Mary Poppins bag of snacks,...

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08 Apr

A Better Way to Vent | Sarah Jane Shanks

Sometimes, you're following your Bible reading plan out of sheer obedience wondering how in the world to apply the Word. You mine that Scripture for wisdom, instruction, comfort, conviction. You ask the Spirit to unlock...

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08 Mar

Leaving Well | Suzy Silk

Recently I had to exit from a team I had worked and served alongside for many years. Even though I was leaving because I was no longer thriving and felt that God was leading me...

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19 Oct

3 Reasons Why We Need Others In Our Personal Journeys Toward Wholeness | David Robbins

A Forbes report was recently released declaring the top 25 cities for millennials to live. There were a few surprising newcomers of interest, but one thing that stood out to me (only partially tainted by...

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18 Aug

3 Lessons Learned from Life Together | Elise Graham

For me, one of the best and worst parts of living in New York is taking public transportation…everywhere. But, now one of my favorite things about my routine is (surprisingly) my commute. I’m able to...

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23 Jun

The Art of Neighboring: Just Start Somewhere

This series is adapted and inspired by Pathak & Runyon’s The Art of Neighboring. When it comes to loving the people God has placed in your life well, we all assume someone else is the...

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13 May

A life in community (asking for help) | Josh Irby

This week's blog post comes from guest writer Josh Irby. Josh lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina with his wife and four children. For the past 15 years he has worked with university students, helping them tell...

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05 May

Waiting for Perfection In Community | Daniel Du

It is such a noticeable improvement to have warmer weather in recent weeks. We've faced a very harsh winter here in New York, and that harshness reminds me in a very tangible way the efforts...

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09 Dec

Reading the Story Anew | Suzy Silk

Every year as December begins, I love to re-read the various Christmas and Hanukkah passages in the Bible. I find that reading not only the Christmas story, but also the numerous Messianic prophecies regarding Jesus,...