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07 Dec

One Month Later: Will We Respond and Seek to Restore the Division | Kelsey Dunn?

This article is about Jesus and our hearts in light of the election (not politics itself). Also, I’ll specifically be addressing my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ aka the Church. If that’s not you,...

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27 Oct

Just Because You Don’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There | Meg Robbins

I would like to put out a public apology to anyone who has been in our bathroom in the last week. I went to clean the toilet yesterday…looked pretty decent at first glance, the bowl...

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22 Jul

It’s Not a Hobby | Jena Viviano

If you’ve read only a couple of my posts or know me at all – you know that I’m a Christian.  That I go to church.  That I use phrases like “faith journey” and “divine...

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29 May

Agents of Hope in the City | Suzy Silk

This is part of the story of how Hope Gathering came to be. It's only one week away!! Take a moment to register at Our lives are so full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain, and...

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13 May

Brokenness that Leads to Life | David Robbins

This past winter was the real deal. Even my native New York friends who have lived here their whole lives have convinced me it’s one of the worst they have experienced. It was during a...

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03 Mar

An Aching Heart & The Compassion That Never Fails // Meg Robbins

Two weeks ago, David, our 3 kids, and I boarded a plane, waited for it to be de-iced (twice!), barreled down a snow-covered runway and left New York behind for sunny California for a rich...

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14 Feb

Ordinary Intentionality: Public Spaces | David Robbins

Recently, we gathered 50 millennials living in New York City to explore the desires and dreams God has already placed in our hearts. In the room were difference makers from different boroughs, different churches, different...