10 Mar

When God Walks Us Into Deeper Suffering | Meg Robbins

Over the past several months, I have wrestled deeply in my heart with the problem of pain and suffering. It’s always been a challenge for me…I’ve struggled to understand God’s character as I’ve processed things both in history, such as the atrocities of the Holocaust, and every day tragedies, like human trafficking and slavery that still affects millions around the world. But sometimes seeing these things...

02 Feb

Grace for Today | Lauren Schroeder

Last week, a mix of excitement and dread came over me as I read the weather report about the impending snowstorm. My adventurous side smiled like a five-year-old and said, “Two feet of snow? Wheee!” while my inner dooms-dayer gritted her teeth and muttered “Grocery store. Trample strangers. Secure food at all costs”. This should come as no surprise to my friends who’ve witnessed me...

26 Jan

4 Ways to Thrive in 2015 | Suzy Silk

As I began 2015, my prayer to the Lord was that this year my husband and I would learn to thrive as a family in the midst of the highs and lows of life. As I've asked the Lord to let us thrive this year, He's been reminding me of some good truths I need to implement if I want to partner with Him in...

19 Jan

Are We Givers or Takers of The City? | David Robbins

Her eyes were locked out the airplane window taking it all in. Flying out of LaGuardia and getting panoramic views of Manhattan is breath-taking, but I was a little confused about why this 26 year old advertising agency account executive had gone from extra talkative to silent. Then I caught a glimpse of a tear running down her cheek … That she wiped away quickly. ...

13 Jan

Comparison is the thief of joy | Adrienne Minor

Over the past few weeks, a post has appeared repeatedly in my Facebook newsfeed. It has usually gone something like this, “It was a great year. Thanks for being part of it.” And then a montage of photos from the person’s year has followed. Have you seen it? I've heard it said that our Facebook and Instagram culture creates an unrealistic view of people's lives...

06 Jan

2015: Be Who You Actually Are | Bekah Stewart

Starting a new year can be such a gift. Making new resolutions creates a fresh opportunity to dream and hope for all that this next year will be. We all know how important setting goals and creating vision are to actually see a preferred future realized. As one year ends, we might be feeling some regret or desire for things to be different. It can...

29 Dec

Best of the Blog: 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, our team finds ourselves reflecting on our year in New York City and we are overwhelmed by the grace gifts God has given us in the relationships we have with you!  We are more convinced than ever that God has hand wired your generation to be known, like the Thessalonians, as men and women “who turn the world upside down”...

22 Dec

7 Things We Uniquely Learn Through Waiting | David Robbins

Advent /‘ad, vent/ noun.  The arrival of something long awaited for. A time of expectant waiting and preparation. Waiting to find out if you got the job. Waiting to see if you are approved for the apartment. Waiting on a spouse after another heartbreak. Waiting to see if you got into the grad school you really want. Waiting to see if you rocked that audition...

15 Dec

His Dwelling Among Us- Carrie Louer

  Tonight I channeled my junior-high-self. I played the role of a baby sitter. I have often grieved the reality of not having my own children and I try to be intentional in getting my “baby fixes.”   The world had the privilege of being introduced to Olivia eight months ago. Tonight she nestled in the crook of my left elbow. She consoled the absence...

09 Dec

Reading the Story Anew | Suzy Silk

Every year as December begins, I love to re-read the various Christmas and Hanukkah passages in the Bible. I find that reading not only the Christmas story, but also the numerous Messianic prophecies regarding Jesus, helps to point my heart toward Him and anticipate anew his "arrival." As I've grown in my faith and knowledge of the Jewish holidays, I've also learned to appreciate Hanukkah...

02 Dec

The Us in Ferguson | Destinee McGinnis

I hit an emotional wall last Monday night. The one we hit when we attend a loved one's funeral or witness the birth of a child. My capacity, as dust of the earth, has become all so real, for I cannot comprehend the how, why, when, or what regarding the incidents in Ferguson. I reached the point in which I am reminded that I was...

26 Nov

The Dreams God Placed in Our Hearts | Daniel Du

In New York, I’ve met so many people who have great vision for their lives and who are here for big things. People here want to make it on Broadway or produce their own feature films; people here want to change the world. I definitely want to be a part of something big. It’s what is so enticing about being in this city. Yet as a...

18 Nov

A Better Story | Sarah Twardock

When I was a junior in college, my Bible study leader provided me with a neon-green printout that mapped out a plan for reading the Bible in a year.  “Perfect,” I remember thinking to myself, for I believed that this plan would kick my lackluster/essentially non-existent Scripture reading habits into high gear and transform me into a significantly more knowledgeable and well-versed Christian.   I...

11 Nov

Hate to Wait | Jessica Gravelle

Do you hate to wait? I know I do. It’s hard to wait and very easy to lose patience in the process. I tend to get impatient when waiting for trivial things like my order at Starbucks or a delayed subway train. But I also struggle with waiting for more significant things like the job promotion I feel I deserve or for depth and intimacy...

27 Oct

Just Because You Don’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There | Meg Robbins

I would like to put out a public apology to anyone who has been in our bathroom in the last week. I went to clean the toilet yesterday…looked pretty decent at first glance, the bowl looked pretty good in there (big sigh of relief!). Just the beginnings of a ring. Not too bad yet. So I lifted the seat to clean that rim, you know...

21 Oct

Rotten Bones | Sarah Jane Shanks

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.  –Proverbs 14:30   I didn’t even realize I had bone-rot until recently.  I was getting along just fine, but I didn’t see what was happening in my bones.  Through my current Bible study, I’ve been forced to admit my jealousy and its effects on my life.  The Word is a “two-edged...