27 May

Have You Ever Felt…”Not Enough”? | by Carrie Walker

Have you ever felt. . .”not enough”?*  I have!  Since I’ve come to New York, and as I have compared myself to the competent and beautiful people I have met here (YOU), I have often been flooded with the “not enough” emotions.  I’m not smart enough. Young enough.  Skinny enough. Hip enough.  Funny enough.  Accomplished enough. Ending up on the short end of the comparison stick...

20 May

Refusing to Run from What Surfaces | by David Robbins

Every Saturday morning I am reminded of the reality that I am not a native New Yorker.  It’s an experience I strangely look forward to and want to escape all at the same time.  You see, on Saturday mornings at my son’s little league baseball games on an astroturf field on the Upper Eastside, I get a vivid window into one segment of true New York. Almost...

07 May

The Small Things | by Suzy Silk

When I moved to New York City at the age of 22, I had big dreams in my heart. I was going to conquer this city and change the world! But I soon discovered how small and easily forgotten I was in this big and bustling city. I had a passion in my heart, but the city seemed determined to both press me forward to...

25 Mar

The Opportunity & Challenge of Community in Cities

"On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York will bestow the gift of loneliness." - E.B. White It doesn't take much to realize that we as humans are relational. We long to not only know people, but to truly know and be truly known. Living in New York City can provide both rare opportunity and be uniquely problematic when it comes to community....

07 Mar

Will your life echo beyond your lifetime? Yes, New York City is large and overwhelming. Yes, this world is full of brokenness and so are you. But yes, God can use you in ways you can not imagine. Being unleashed to make a difference starts with a first step. Take William Wilberforce, a man who labored intensely to stand up for those who couldn’t for themselves. His initiative, determination, and vision...